Faculty of informatics

Biljana Percinkova, PhD

Biljana Percinkova, PhD
Vice-Rector, Professor
222, first floor
+389 2 320 2121


Dr. Biljana Percinkova has graduated from Electro-technical Faculty in Skopje at the Department for Electronics having been awarded as one of the best students. She has earned her Master’s degree at the Electro-technical Faculty in Zagreb at the Computer Sciences Department with grade point average 10 (ten) having defended her Master’s thesis in the field of Distributed Systems.

She has earned her Doctoral degree under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Miodrag Novakovic from the Novi Sad University having developed her research under the title “A New Method Development for Solving Non-Linear Systems with Application in Engineering and Economic Practices”.

Work experience:

During the period of 2008-2009 Dr. Biljana Percinkova has been Rector of MIT University in Skopje and professor in group of subjects in the field of Computer Sciences. In the period of 2005-2008 she has been at first Pro-Dean then Dean of the Faculty for Communication Sciences and Technologies at the South East European University in Tetovo and professor in Introduction to Control Systems, Operations Research, Self-Referenced Systems, Discrete Mathematics and Numerical Analysis at graduate and post-graduate level, as well as mentor for five doctoral candidates and a number of master’s candidates in the field of Computer Sciences and System Engineering.

In the period of 1985-2005 in the duration of twenty years Dr. Biljana Percinkova has been assistant professor, then associate professor and full  professor teaching Non-Linear Control Systems, Operations Research, Design of Automatic Control Systems, Automation of Processes in Industry, Computer-aided Process Control and others. For several years she has been Director of the Institute for Automatics and Systems Engineering at the Electro-technical Faculty in Skopje. At the beginning of her career she has been working as applicative and system programmer at the Center for Computer Data Processing in Economic Bank in Skopje.

Besides on the Electro-technical Faculty, South East European University, MIT and the European University , Dr. Biljana Percinkova has been teaching also at the Military Academy in Skopje, MM College in Skopje, Economic Faculty in Stip, Economic Faculty in Prilep and Mining-Geological Faculty in Stip.


Prof. Dr. Biljana Percinkova has been at two long term postdoctoral research engagements at USA Universities such as UCLA University in Los Angeles, California, as well as Berkeley University also in California. Twice she has been at short term engagements at Fachhochschule – Bielefeld, Elektrotechnik Fachbereit.

She is author of the books “Relativity, Chaos, Gődel” (309 pages), “Book of Self; Scientific and Philosophic Basis of Consciousness” (464 pages), “Collection of Solved Problems in FORTRAN” and numerous teaching handbooks  from her scientific fields as well as over 100 papers and articles published and presented at international and national conferences and congresses.

She has been Main Researcher for several projects among which more significant is Self-Referenced Systems and Applications in Quantum Physics and Artificial Intelligencesupported by South East European University in Macedonia – which initiated her two months scientific stay at the Charles Berner's Institute in Merimbula and at the New South Wales University in Sydney, Australia and in the The European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN in Geneva, Swiss.